Sad state of Cleveland media

How pathetic is it when one of the best sports towns in America has to put up with the following:

1) A loser like Trivissano who put a fat broad on his show with him who cackles like a moron — not even close to being a poor man’s Howard Stern show — it’s more like a car wreck. When was the last time he talked about sports?

2) A guy from Pittspuke on the city’s only all-sports talk station for drive time, no less

3) Even though the baseball season is only three weeks away, two measly articles about the Tribe in the brutal Plain Dealer.

4) Even though we have TWO writers for the Browns, we’re lucky to see TWO articles a week from them….

Can’t we go back to the days of WHK, Pete Franklin and Hal? Now THAT lineup is worthy of a sports town like Cleveland.

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