Cavs need to get off the schnide

Against the Clippers tonight. And how does one spell “schnide”? There’s a strange definition of it here, although it doesn’t seem to be the same schnide as the sports schnide. Whatever schnide the Cavs are on, they need to get the hell off of it. They’re going to the west coast for three games starting Friday, you do NOT want to be on a 3-game losing streak going west.

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Not buyin’ this poverty nonsense

Mark Shapiro is already laying the groundwork for another Tribe off-season of low rent free-agent signings.

Shapiro was keeping his plans quiet, but he left no doubt about what the signings of B.J. Ryan and Billy Wagner did to the closer’s market. “It elevates it,” said Shapiro. “It’s hard to be poetic about it. Anytime the market escalates, it makes it harder for us to do business.”

Why does this surprise anyone in Tribe management? What the hell is so surprising about the “market escalating”? Doesn’t it escalate every single year? How is this “poetic”?

You know what’s poetic? I’ll tell you what’s poetic. We are also now talking about Nomar Garciaparra, who 2 years ago would have been a blockbuster addition to the Tribe, but now just seems like another budget rack blue light special. Pure poetry. Ryan didn’t get signed, Howry is gone, it’s starting to feel like Millwood’s gonna be gone, and who knows what the hell is gonna happen with Elarton and Bob Wickman.

Bring on Frisman

Roger Brown hits this nail on the head.

More than one insider suggests Browns head coach Romeo Crennel could send a real message to the team – and especially eye-rolling, grumbling receivers Braylon Edwards and Dennis Northcutt – by giving more playing time to Frisman Jackson. The veteran works hard and doesn’t complain – and actually might drop fewer passes than either Edwards or Northcutt.

Not a bad idea at all, except that you might then see Braylon run outside to a bank of microphones complaining even louder.

Albert Belle to the Hall of Fame?

He made the ballot.

Belle led the AL in RBI three times and finished a .295 batting average, 381 homers and 1,239 RBI. Clark had a .303 career average, 284 homers and 1,205 RBI.

Does that get him in? Even if the numbers are good enough, he was mean to reporters. Reporters remember when people are mean to them. They’re funny that way. You could be Ray Lewis and beat a murder rap and get hailed as a second coming, but you look at a reporter the wrong way one time, forget about the HOF.

T.O….er…I mean…Braylon update

Apparently the Browns are underachieving.

Edwards said it would be different if the Browns were a bad team. “But that’s not the case. We’re a good team although our record doesn’t show it and our play doesn’t show it,” he said.

Really? I hadn’t noticed.

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