Should the Browns connsider Vernon Gholston?

Everyone is calling Vernon Gholston a bust, and it’s hard to argue with this given that the #6 pick in the draft several years ago was just released by the Jets and he’s yet to record a sack in the NFL.

Yet Gholston deserves another chance as he never got a change to play his natural position of a defensive end in a 4-3.

Ryan and Tannenbaum have consistently praised the efforts of Gholston — who might have been miscast in New York after playing defensive end in Ohio State’s 4-3 alignment — saying he has done everything the coaching staff asked.

Some are ripping the Jets for drafting a “workout warrior,” but every 3-4 takes a risk when they select a college lineman and try to turn him into a linebacker in the NFL, even if he’s primarily going to be a pass rusher.

The Jets tried last year to move Gholston to defensive end, but that’s an end in a 3-4, which is nothing like playing defensive end in a 4-3.

The kid has a good attitude by all accounts, and the Browns are in need of linemen who can fit the 4-3, so it appears that they ought to consider Gholston as a free agent.

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