Travis Benjamin highlights

Some Browns fans are disappointed that the Browns didn’t get more help at wide receiver in the draft, but I’m pretty high on the Travis Benjamin pick. I wanted a receiver with speed, and Benjamin is a legitimate burner, with speed in the 4.3 ballpark.

Check out the video highlights above. The kid isn’t just a slot receiver, as he makes plenty of plays on the outside.

The issue with Benjamin is size, as he’s 5′ 10″ and 172 pounds, but that’s pretty much the exact same size as DeSean Jackson, the stud wide receiver in Philly that Tom Heckert drafted in the second round.

With Brandon Weeden, we now have a quarterback that can throw the deep ball, so defensive coordinators will need to pay attention when a speed demon like Benjamin is on the field. I love the idea of Weeden hitting Benjamin on a slant when the defense blitzes. Nobody would catch him!

Pat Shurmer seemed truly excited when discussing Benjamin and the potential of using him with his speed. We’ll see how he does, but I’m excited about this pick.

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Tony Grossi and The Plain Dealer

This story is just bizarre. Tony Grossi accidentally sent out a Tweet that he intended as a private message, insulting Browns owner Randy Lerner with the following statement: “He is a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world.” Grossi quickly realized his mistake and took down the Tweet, but some saw it and copied it.

I like Grossi’s work, though I also understand that other Browns fans don’t, and many think he’s biased against the Browns. I think in the past year he was one of the few rational voices discussing the Browns. Many on the radio sounded liked emotional buffoons when discussing topics like Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmer.

Now The Plain Dealer is confirming they have removed Grossi from the Browns beat. This seems like overkill to me – a short suspension would have been more appropriate.

As Mike Florio suggests in the link above, the Browns should make it clear that they didn’t ask for this and encourage the PD to reinstate him.

Browns bounce back

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis (40) turns upfield after a pass reception during the second quarter of their game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis on September 18, 2011. UPI /Mark Cowan

The week one loss to the Bungles was painful, but this is a nice win against the Colts:

– Pat Shurmer used Peyton Hillis more this week and it worked, though Hillis needs to figure out his fumble problem.

– Tom Heckert is looking like a genius. Phil Taylor looks like a top 5 pick and Jabaal Sheard looks like a real pass rusher.

– Colt McCoy had a very good game. He was very accurate and again he made plays on the run. He’s like a Mini Big Ben.

– I have no sympathy for the Colts. They’ve done nothing over the years to develop a real backup for Peyton Manning, unlike other good teams like the Patriots. Several years ago Browns fans had to watch as the Colts played Sorgi in the final game and lost us a playoff spot.

Greg Little puts on a show

Greg Little has had some struggles in training camp with some drops, but Pat Shurmer keeps pushing him and Little put on a show for the fans on Sunday in the practice at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Tony Grossi was impressed:

Little, who may have the most inapt name of all the new Browns, plays taller than his listed height of 6-2 and stronger than his listed weight of 220 pounds. An announced crowd of 11,965 may have come away a little more convinced of the team’s argument against pursuing a No. 1 receiver in free agency.

In red-zone drills on plays starting inside the 20, Little displayed the talent that attracted him to the Browns in the second round of the draft. On one Colt McCoy throw to the left corner of the end zone, Little leaped above cornerback Dimitri Patterson and safety Usama Young to snare the touchdown. A few plays later, he cradled a pass from Seneca Wallace on a skinny route to the post.

It’s very early, so let’s not jump to any conclusions. That said, the reports on Little described him as a great athlete, and it’s always encouraging to hear stories in camp that the expectations match the hype. This kid had some off-the-field issues, but many described him as having first-round talent. The Browns might have a steal with with guy. They need someone to emerge as a #1 receiver, and Little just might fit the bill.

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