Rose Bowl bound

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Ohio State moved up to #8 in the BCS rankings tonight after Georgia Tech and Pitt lost this weekend. If we had an eight-team playoff based on the BCS with a home/away system for the first round (followed by the final four in the bowls and then a final championship game), Ohio State would be going on to play the winner of the Florida – Alabama game in the first round. Anyone who says a playoff would lessen interest in regular season games is an idiot. Ohio State fans would have been glued to the tube this weekend hoping for upsets of Georgia Tech and Pitt, and we would have been thrilled at the result.

That said, we’re stuck with the current system, and Ohio State fans are certainly happy to be going to the Rose Bowl for the first time in years. The Buckeyes really don’t have a team that stacks up with the top three teams, though if Terrelle Pryor played well they would be a tough team to beat if a playoff system was in place. I’m sure the #1 seed wouldn’t be thrilled about playing the Buckeyes in the playoff system I described above.

As for Michigan, their fans have to be sick after seeing the Buckeyes handle them again. Jim Tressel is now 8-1 against Michigan. Wow!

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Baby cries when hearing Michigan fight song

Just like Michigan fans cry after they play the Buckeyes!