Tom Heckert’s plan

With all the hysteria surrounding the Browns, particularly on Cleveland sports talk radio, it’s refreshing to see that some of then actually get it. Micheal Reghi is one of the few people on WKNR who makes rational arguments as opposed to emotional outbursts or continuous snark and negativity.

Reghi points out in an article how Tom Heckert has a plan, and it’s the only strategy that makes sense. You have to build through the draft.

Don’t tell me you’d be willing ‘to ride that out’. I’m not buying it. And I DON’T WANT to roll that way. The Browns must take some significant steps this season to make you believe that Heckert’s formula is working. He knows that. Mike Holmgren does too. And the largest reason why I’ve been able to endure the 4-12 of 2012 is I’m completely aware, as are others around the NFL, exactly what Tom Heckert walked into in February of 2010. The WORST ROSTER in the NFL! Don’t believe me? Here goes. The following are STARTERS on both sides of the ball, brought here by head coach, general manager, director of pro personnel, top decision maker, and all omnipotent one, Eric Mangini. You ready for this?

The Browns had one of the oldest teams in the NFL under Eric Mangini, and now we have one of the youngest. Read the whole article, as it’s stunning to see some of the names of players what were starting under Mangini.

You can’t remake a roster overnight, and 4-12 seasons hurt. But tons of young players got experience last year and we have an extra first-round pick this year. Youth will ultimately prevail if you hit on your draft picks.

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