One more reason to hate Micheal Jordan

OH – “hate” is a strong word, but true Cleveland fans have little love for Micheal Jordan. How many times have we had to watch replays of “The Shot?”

Now, Michael has entered the Basketball Hall of Fame, but instead of giving a gracious acceptance speech, Jordan decided to show his true colors – i.e., the stuff he tried to hide for years for fear of ruining his million dollar image. Rick Reilly’s reaction was spot-on.

Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame talk was the Exxon Valdez of speeches. It was, by turns, rude, vindictive and flammable. And that was just when he was trying to be funny. It was tactless, egotistical and unbecoming. When it was done, nobody wanted to be like Mike.

And yet we couldn’t stop watching. Because this was an inside look into the mindset of an icon who’d never let anybody inside before. From what I saw, I’d never want to go back. Here is a man who’s won just about everything there is to win — six NBA titles, five MVPs and two Olympics golds. And yet he sounded like a guy who’s been screwed out of every trophy ever minted. He’s the world’s first sore winner.

I saw it live, and while it was fascinating, honest and entertaining, it was also shocking as well. MJ is so full of himself, and so consumed by his legendary competitiveness, that he comes across as a complete dick. Perhaps LeBron James will never equal Michael Jordan on the basketball court, and perhaps his lack of this killer attitude will hold him back, but I guess nobody can match Jordan on that front.

The guy seems miserable, so one has to wonder if it was all even worth it. Frankly, I’ll be happy now to see him wither away and get all upset when he has to watch a new generation of players achieve great success. It’s another reason, also, to pull for LeBron to win a championship . . . IN CLEVELAND!

Perhaps this will also send a message to LeBron, who still hasn’t committed to staying in Cleveland. There’s more to life than money and fame, and turning your back on your home town and a team and fan base that has supported you will be a dick move worthy of MJ himself. Do you really want to be like Mike?

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