Indians fire Eric Wedge

This news was expected, though I’m surprised that they announced it before the end of the season.

There was no way that the Indians could go into next season with Eric Wedge as the manager. The fans are already in open revolt, and the Tribe needs something to get fans excited.

I have no idea who they should hire, but one factor ought to be charisma. The Indians need a voice that projects some level of optimism and enthusiasm. Let’s see what happens.

One name that will certainly get consideration would be Mike Hargrove. Hargrove isn’t a perfect manager, but he knows how to put together a successful team and pitching staff. Let’s see if he even gets an interview.

John Farrell will get plenty of attention, but he has a clause in his contract with the Red Sox that prohibits him from taking a manager job until 2011. Of course, the Tribe could provide compensation if they want him.

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