Rondo does it again

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The NBA is loaded with great point guards, and Rajon Rondo showed again tonight that he’s one of the best. He led the Celtics to a Game 4 victory over the Cavs and LeBron James. The Cavs were in the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter when the Celtics went on a run and the Cavs kept giving away the basketball.

On the Cavs side, Mo Williams is showing that he’s not one of the best point guards in the NBA, and he’s not the #2 superstar that the Cavs need. Fortunately, the Cavs have Jamison and Shaq to help out along with a very deep team.

That said, the Cavs are coming home, and they will win the series if they take care of business on their home court.

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How bad is LeBron’s elbow?

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After watching games one and two vs the Boston Celtics, it’s pretty clear that LeBron James is not 100%. Tonight was particularly bad, as LeBron wasn’t aggressive at all for most of the game.

The rest of the team didn’t pick up the slack. Mo Williams was terrible. He had one great quarter in game one, but other than that he’s been terrible. Mike Brown needs to think about whether Mo should be getting all those minutes against Rondo.

Meanwhile, the defense has been terrible as well.

Without LeBron being 100%, it’s hard to see how this team wins it all, let alone this series. Hopefully three days of rest will give LeBron a boost.

Mo Williams provides the spark in game 1

I was at the game last night, and the first half was one of the worst performances this season by the Cavs. They were a little unlucky as well, as layup after layup would roll off the rim, but they had very little energy and Rondo was eating up Mo Williams and the rest of the Cavs defense.

Fortunately, things changed dramatically in the third quarter. First, Mike Brown moved Anthony Parker over to cover Rondo, and that turned out to be a great move. More importantly, however, Mo Williams got the team going and his own offense going with a beautiful dunk over Paul Pierce. I had a close view, and immediately I saw the look Williams gave Pierce. Mo went on a run that ignited the Cavs for the rest of the game and the Celtics didn’t know what hit them.

The Cavs need Mo to play aggressively, and hopefully this will fuel his confidence. When Mo plays well it’s almost impossible to beat the Cavs with LeBron and all their other weapons.

Tough start for the Cavs

The Cavs got off to a fast start in the first quarter, but eventually the Celtics heated up and took control of the game. The shots were falling for them, particularly the three-pointers, and the Cavs got a little cold.

It’s the first game, and they had to start without Delonte West and face a tough team while the Cavs had two new starters. You can’t expect them to be in mid-season form, and they weren’t. No cause for worry – as Shaq said they’ll be fine.

The refs didn’t help out as well. The traveling rules apparently don’t apply to Ray Allen and one ref called a ridiculous palming call on LeBron with two minutes left when the Cavs were down four points and staging a comeback. But refs don’t affect games in the NBA – right?