Pressure is on C.C. Sabathia

C.C. Sabathia is a good guy, so I’m sure many Tribe fans will wish him well as he enters the postseason for the Yankees, despite the fact that Sabathia took the money after saying he really wanted to stay in Cleveland. Of course, most Tribe fans won’t be rooting for Sabathia and the Yankees tonight. Frankly, I’d love to see the Twins pull off the upset.

Indians fans know all too well how Sabathia has come up short in the playoffs. In 2007 the Indians would have gone to the World Series had Sabathia not been out-pitched by Josh Beckett with the Indians holding a 3-1 series lead against Boston. The Tribe would have faced an inferior Colorado Rockies team that was swept by the champion Red Sox.

Can Sabathia rise to the occasion? He’s not the only Yankee that has something to prove. A-Rod the cheater has also been a choke artist in the playoffs (drugs can’t fix everything), so we’ll see how the heavily-favored Yankees do with this new cast of expensive characters.

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