Ugly win for the Browns

Some observations from today’s game against the Bills:

1. The game was painful to watch. The wind made it difficult for both teams, but the Bills were pitiful.

2. Derek Anderson had a tough day, but his stats were laughably bad, and made his performance look even worse. The Browns receivers were terrible as they dropped pass after pass (are we sure Braylon Edwards wasn’t on the field?). Robert Royal in particular has stone hands. I think defenses are leaving him open on purpose hoping Anderson will throw to him, knowing Royal will drop most passes.

3. The running game was solid. The Bills can’t stop the run, and the Browns were able to exploit it, even on a day when the conditions made it necessary to run.

4. I’m thrilled that we traded Edwards, but it will take some time for this group of receivers to gel. I’m disappointed we’re not seeing more of Brian Robiskie.

5. It’s encouraging to see the Browns limit their penalties and play so well on special teams. It’s hard after a game like this to gauge the team’s progress, but the Browns looked like a well-coached team, while the Bills looked like a mess.

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