Winslow traded

This trade shouldn’t be a surprise. Winslow is a great talent, and he played harder than anyone, but his injuries and his contract demands made him expendable. They had their best game on offense last season (against the Giants) when Winslow was hurt. He was a serious liability in the running game. Also, if we’re moving to more of a Patrots-style offense, the tight end seems to be less important.

That said, what are the draft picks? Why is this a secret? Hopefully the Browns got at least a #2 pick.

Update: The PD is reporting that the Browns “will receive Tampa Bay’s second-round pick in 2009 and fifth-round pick in 2010.”

Here’s Winslow’s statement:

In Tampa, Winslow said, “Cleveland treated me right. Everything didn’t go as planned there but I had a good time playing there. Cleveland was great to me. I had a great time playing with Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn. I’m going to miss those guys. But it’s a new opportunity and I’ve played with some of the guys on this team — Jeff Faine, Antonio Bryant, Luke McCown.”

Like I said above, Winslow played his heart out. It’s nice to see him leave with class.

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