Cavs stun Warriors and bring title to Cleveland!!!!

Wow. What a game! What a series! What a celebration!

It’s been 52 years since Cleveland celebrated a major sports championship.

The Cavs were facing a team that had set a record with 73 regular season wins.

The Cavs were down 3-1, and no team had ever come back from such a deficit in the NBA Finals.

After Game 4, the arrogance of the Golden State Warriors bubbled over as they began to mock and question the manhood of Lebron James.

There are many things to analyze and savor with this epic comeback win, but Lebron’s response to the Warriors following Game 4 will define this series and Lebron’s entire career. Lebron needed a wake-up call, and the Warriors foolishly provided it with idiotic comments.

Then we have The Block and The Shot II. Lebron provided one the most iconic plays in NBA history as he ran down a fast break and blocked a layup by Andre Iguodala that would have given the Warriors the lead. Then, soon after, Kyrie Irving provided the dagger with a stunning three-pointer in face of MVP Steph Curry to give the Cavs the leave with under a minute left.

The Block. The Shot II. The Comeback. Wow!!!!!!!

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