2017 Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Preview

Last season was pretty amazing for the Cavaliers. They managed to do the unthinkable. Rarely who believed that they could manage to do what they did. Even now, when the new season is about to begin, people, especially Cavs’ fans can’t stop talking about that amazing Game 7. For most players it will probably be the best game of their lives and they’ll keep going back to it.

LeBron and the guys showed us that nothing is impossible if you truly believe that you can make it possible. It was truly a win against all odds. That should teach us that no matter how low the odds are, as long as there is even a remote possibility, there should be hope. An equivalent of that success for a person would be to win a massive jackpot. And this is the best place to start http://www.canadianonlinecasinos.club/reviews/gowild-casino.htm if that’s your aim.

How did they do it?!

Just remember how before the start of the Finals and the initial few games all newspapers and online publications were full of articles explaining how the Cavaliers can’t win. Guess who’s having the last laugh?! Let’s see at the reasons why they did manage to win:

LeBron James – No further explanation is needed. The man played the best games in his career, and not just career. It might’ve been the best individual performance in the history of the game;
Outstanding defense – It is often said that defense wins games and titles and that was certainly the case here. All players did their job and managed to stop the supposedly unstoppable Warriors;
Solid 3pt percentage – The Cavs weren’t that great from downtown throughout the season. However, their 3pt percentage in the Finals was 32.9%, compared to the Warriors’ 37.3% and Warriors are considered to be one of the most fierce 3-point shooters;
Experience – It is often underestimated, but it can be a key factor. The Cavs have some pretty experienced players on their roster. Love and Irving sure deserve a mention here.

Could they do it again?!

The season hasn’t began yet, but many are already speculating about the Finals. Some have even suggested that a repeat of the last season Finals is possible. That would sure be fun to watch and if they manage to reach the Finals, the Cavs will have great chances of winning another title.

Eastern Conference teams are no match for the Cavs – We shouldn’t underestimate any teams, but last year showed us that the Cavs are by far the best in the East and we can expect them to reach the Finals again.
LeBron – Again, pretty obvious. He is still the best player in the world;
Tyronn Lue – He proved that the Cavs are able to win titles under his guidance. He is pretty much settled in right now and he will be more ‘at home’ in the upcoming season.

However, we shouldn’t forget that the Warriors now have Kevin Durant as an addition to what was already a pretty intimidating squad. That’ll certainly make things a lot more difficult for their opponents, but it also means that the Warriors will be under an even greater pressure to win the title next year.

Fair odds on the Cavs

The odds for Golden State to win the next NBA title have been lowered since the team signed Kevin Durant. From +150 the odds dropped to -140. Having negative odds on a team to win the title doesn’t only mean that it is one of the favorites. That team is the favorite. The odds on the Cavs remained the same at +250. And those odds aren’t low at all.

They managed to do it last year, so why not again. At least now we know that they can do it. And a $250 profit with a $100 bet sounds pretty alright, doesn’t it?! A bet that the Cavs are going to win the Eastern Conference is a lot more realistic, but the odds are only -375, which means that it would be a miracle if any other team manages to win the Eastern Conference.

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