Browns stun Patriots as McCoy stakes his claim

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy celebrates a touchdown in the second quarter of a game against the New England Patriots on November 07, 2010 in Cleveland. UPI / David Richard Photo via Newscom

Colt McCoy has stakes his claim to the quarterback job for the Browns. The fans know, Mike Holmgren knows it, and Eric Mangini better know it. We’ll hear all kinds of BS as Miangini leaves the door open for Seneca Wallace or Jake Delhomme to return, but this is McCoy’s job. Period.

Despite the tortured history of Browns football over the past 10 years, we have seem some excellent performances by quarterbacks, only to see reality set in over time. So McCoy still needs to prove himself over time, but he’s certainly earned the opportunity to play out the season.

Mangini and his staff deserve a ton of credit for turning this team around. Let’s hope it continues, and I’m pretty confident they’re ready to ride this colt.

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