Free agency begins for LeBron James

Well, the Global Icon has been waiting for this day, and it’s finally arrived. He gets to make his own decision, and in doing so will reveal the kind of man he has become.

As the more astute writers have pointed out, this is strictly the decision of LeBron James. Others will have input, but Nike and his agents will not be able to push him in any direction.

Also, while LeBron will discuss “winning” as the basis for his decision, there’s no real reason to leave the Cavs. Gilbert is a great owner who will spend whatever is necessary for the Cavs to win. Anyone who blames LeBron’s supporting cast for the flame-out against the Celtics isn’t being honest. LeBron lost that series all on his own. He may have had a legitimate excuse, whether in his elbow or in his personal life, but in game 5 LeBron had a meltdown and the Cavs were never the same.

He also didn’t show the best side of his character in his comments after the game. Let’s chalk that up to the frustration of the moment.

Now it’s time for LeBron James to reveal his true character. Does he have any loyalty beyond himself? Will he abandon his home town team and the fans of Cleveland for . . . . what? Playing with other superstars? Will anyone really be impressed if LeBron latches on to Wade and Bosh to grab that first ring?

Also, the Chicago scenario offers a real window into how the man thinks. For long-suffering Cleveland fans, Chicago during the Michael Jordan years rivaled the Steelers as the team we loved to hate. And now LeBron is considering going there? If he does so he will be public enemy #2 in Cleveland, right behind Art Model, for the rest of his life. Does this city mean anything to him?

Again, we will see what kind of man he is. Does he have any sense of loyalty, or does the man who has everything need even more? Will he recognize that he has unfinished business in Cleveland, and that the owner and the city are 100% behind him, which is all any player should want?

We’ll see . . . .

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