Everyone in Cleveland wants Rey Maualuga

It seems like everyone in Cleveland wants Rey Maualuga in the NFL draft for the Browns, from Tony Grossi to Kenny Roda and most of the other talk radio hosts at WKNR.

Intensity escapes the best of us. The amount of focus required to sustain a level appropriate for something as aggressive as collegiate football defense is hardly something to write off. Where does it come from? Can it be taught or learned? Iíd like to hope so, though it seems a bit of a catch-22 in that in order to be intense enough to learn to be intense we must first be intense enough not to need to learn at all.

In any case, for those lucky enough to have it, raises seem to drop out of the sky and skirts appear to fly up into it. Rey Maualuga has it, and thatís gonna have to suffice for now since I am unaware of every single thing he does in his personal time (probably getting that 10% increase I should have had after landing the Gibson account). Heís been using that, along with his considerable speed and strength, to run roughshod over offensive lines and make tackles that look like Cthulu versus Howdy-Doody.

I have to agree here. Maualuga would give the Browns a physical presence in the middle of their defense. Maybe we all just want the Browns to have someone on their team as tough as Troy Polamalu or Ray Lewis, but we need someone like that in this division.

It looks like Aaron Curry might fall to the Browns with the #5 pick, and that would probably be a steal. Curry is a more complete player. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade down to grab the more physical player.

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