Roberto Alomar should be a lock for the Hall of Fame

In the context of the sad story that Roberto Alomar has been accused of having AIDS, the Cleveland Leader explains why Alomar should be a lock for the MLB Hall of Fame, while giving more context to the latest rumors.

I’ve watched a lot of baseball in my day and if there was ever a more deserving player for the HOF, Robbie Alomar is it. Possessing both speed and power (210 HR and 474 SB) to go along with a staggering .371 On Base Percentage he would probably make it Cooperstown on his offensive numbers alone (2724 base hits with a .300 batting average). Adding the fact that he may be the best defensive second baseman to ever wear a glove just adds to his resume. Alomar brought the game to an international level leading his Toronto Blue Jays to consecutive world championships which was the first time a Canadian team was crowned World Series champions. Alomar won everywhere he went in his prime too. The Baltimore Oriloes and our Cleveland Indians were on the brink of postseason greatness with Alomar leading the charge

While Alomar certainly has baggage, there may be some explanation. When Alomar spit in the face of John Hirschbeck, it was because Hirschbeck called him a “faggot”. Hirschbeck obviously crossed a line with that remark. In the lawsuit, plaintiff Ilya Dall stated that the star baseball player had been raped by two men when he was a young player in the minor leagues. Even if that isn’t true, and Alomar is a homosexual as rumors have swirled for years about his sexual preference, being called a “faggot” would be a sure way to make someone act irrationally, especially in the macho world of pro sports. Hirschbeck later acknowledged that his remark was out of bounds and expressed dismay when the news broke about Alomar’s alleged ailment. As for Dall’s allegations that he was having sex with her while knowing that he was carrying AIDS, I think it is more of an act of denial than an out and out act of trying to harm her. The suit by Dall also looks from my perspective as more of a money grab and I openly wonder if she was more of a paid caretaker for the ailing ballplayer then a live in girlfriend as she states. Needless to say,the courts will have the final say so on that matter. Having sex with someone who, as she claims, was foaming from the mouth and sometimes didn’t have the energy to get to a bathroom, doesn’t sound too believable to me.

Meanwhile, Roberto Alomar has released a statement denying his ex-girlfriend’s allegations and claiming he is in good health, though he makes no mention of AIDS or HIV.

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