More misery as Browns lose

The Browns actually found themselves tied at 17 in the third quarter but once again found ways to lose in their 27-17 loss to the Ravens. Kyle Boller, subbing for the injured Steve McNair, and the Ravens’ running game dissected the Browns defense, who continues to look worse and worse as the season starts to come to an end. Cleveland’s failure to consistently run the ball effectively against the stout Baltimore defense allowed the Ravens to go after Derek Anderson. Anderson looked decent under the circumstances but made some questionable throws.

Clock management and communication on offense plagued the Browns again in the second half. They wasted their timeouts trying to get plays off and also on a stupid decision on Romeo’s part to challenge on obvious Ravens’ completion near the end of the fourth quarter. 0-8 in the division, pitiful. While I normally would like to give a new head coach three full seasons to turn a franchise around, I’m not so sure Romeo deserves a third season. Sure, injuries have played a large role in the Browns’ disappointing season but the team is heading towards a possible 4-12 season and is not showing many signs of improvement.

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