Winslow matures, Porter still a big mouth

The Cleveland Browns may not be progressing this year, but Kellen Winslow is making huge strides. Winslow will one day be a star in this league because of his talent and maturity. He’s made numerous “questionable” decisions and comments growing up, but seems to learn from each situation.

This Thursday, he attempted to interact with the biggest jerk in the NFL, Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter. Porter and Winslow have been exchanging jabs over the past year and Winslow wanted Porter to know it was just talk. He forgot he was dealing with a “big mouth” baby. Porter showed how classless he is by continuing to run his trap.

These are the situations that should inspire Winslow and the Browns to improve and payback a player like Porter. These are opportunities for Romeo Crennel to challenge his teams pride and desire to win. I can only hope that next year we are winning by 10 and Winslow hits Porter so hard he bites his tongue, because that is the only way to shut him up.

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