Downright ugly

The Browns scored a late touchdown on a Derek Anderson pass to Braylon Edwards to avoid the shutout, but the damage was already done. For the third time in three weeks, the Cleveland Browns were utterly embarassed by their opponent. The Pittsburgh Steelers issued a 27-7 beatdown of the Browns in a game where Willie Parker rushed for a Pittsburgh single game record 223 yards.

The Browns continue to have no answer for the Steelers, who once again pushed them around like they were a bunch of children. It’s been almost a year since last season’s 41-0 destruction. The score this season wasn’t as bad but the game sure seemed just as pathetic. The Steelers were more physical than us and owned the line of scrimmage. The final net rushing stats were simply deplorable: Pittsburgh – 303, Cleveland – 18. Put me in the backfield, I’ll run for 18 yards, are you kidding me? If a team outsmarts you and out “gameplans” you, that’s one thing. But for Pittsburgh to ram it down our throats was sickening to watch. I mean, the Steelers offense isn’t exactly rocket science. First and foremost, they will run, run and run some more. Everyone knows what they’re going to do offensively but we still couldn’t stop it. Maybe it’s time we think about changing our defensive line personnel.

After such a dramatic and emotional comeback last weekend against the Chiefs, you would think the Browns would come out with some momentum and motivation, especially after they blew a 10-point fourth quarter lead to the Steelers three weeks ago. But of course, these are the Browns, and another inconsistent performance just begs the question whether or not this team really understands the Pittsburgh rivalry. Perhaps I was a little too naive to think the organization had turned a corner after last week’s come from behind victory. No passion, no drive, nothing. Sure it was cold, but that’s no excuse. Looks like we’re headed towards another winless season in the division.

But I guess the real culprit here is us fans for taking time out of our weeknight to watch this sorry excuse for a football team.

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