Troy or Men of Troy?

The USC Trojans will face the Ohio State Buckeyes on Jan. 8 in the BCS Championship game. This is assuming they defeat arch rival UCLA this weekend. The Trojans jumped over Michigan in the BCS poll after pounding Notre Dame. I was not a fan of an Ohio State/Michigan rematch. I do feel the Wolverines are one of the top teams in the nation, but a rematch is a no win situation for the Buckeyes.

The Trojans did look strong this Saturday night, although Notre Dame is the most overrated team this year. The Irish have soundly defeated lesser opponents, while Michigan and USC walked over Notre Dame like a rug on your kitchen floor.

I still feel USC will struggle stopping Troy Smith and the spread offense of Ohio State. The Buckeyes have more weapons than all USC opponents in the Pac 10 put together. This game will bring back memories of these two traditional powerhouses battling in the Rose Bowl. If Troy Smith has another game like he did against Michigan, Jim Tressel will be looking at another National Championship.

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