Who’s to blame?

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When you look at the 3-8 Browns of 2006, there are so many things that are wrong, that you don’t know where to begin. But let’s try and see if there’s one major problem or a ton of little problems.

A second year head coach in Romeo Crennel who has a combined record of 9 & 18 and is losing this team game by game, minute by minute. Those Super Bowl rings as an assistant coach only go so far in the respect category.

An owner in Randy Lerner who may be more concerned with his football (that really means soccer) team in England, than his football (that really means football, all though you’d never guess it by watching them) team in Cleveland.

A wide receiver in Braylon Edwards who’s dropped as many balls as he has one liners. Calling out coaches, teammates and opposing teams in the media. If he grabbed the passes thrown his way like he grabbed Charlie Frye Sunday on the sidelines, he’d be a Pro Bowl candidate.

An offensive line that acts like turnstiles, allowing opposing defenses to get to Charlie Frye faster than Browns fans can get into their seats at the stadium.

A quarterback in Charlie Frye who created more turnovers than Martha Stewart and the Pilsbury Doughboy combined.

No real veteran backup quarterback to tutor Charlie Frye through these tough times.

An offense, who now with it’s second offensive coordinator, hasn’t scored a touchdown in six quarters and was shut out today by the NFL’s 32nd, that’s right, the last ranked defense in the entire league.

A general manager in Phil Savage who needs to be held accountable for his talent evaluation so far in the draft, free agency and in trades. It now makes you wonder if indeed it was Ozzie Newsome who was the brains behind the Baltimore Ravens. By the way, Baltimore is now 9-2 and running away with the AFC North.

The Fans. For continually showing up and selling out the stadium even when you know the product sucks!

I could go on and on about the secondary, the running backs, strength and conditioning. But I think we’ve figured out at least one thing here. That it’s not just one major problem. It’s a bunch of major problems that the Browns need to correct just to be considered a respectable team. Because right now with all the chaos and confusion going on, they’re considered a laughing stock in the NFL.

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