Edwards delivers the turkey…himself

The Cleveland Browns are struggling to win games these days. The offense canít score, the defense struggles, and most of the time, itís the coaching. The last thing Romeo Crennel needs right now is a selfish player sounding off in the paper. Braylon Edwards decided that he would be the turkey this weekend.

Edwards questioned the play calling in the red zone. This is coming from a player that DOESNíT always make the catch, RARELY makes the block, and is just starting to progress in this league. Iím amazed how itís never a ďteamĒ sport when a team starts to struggle. I believe the Browns are struggling and need to make drastic changes, but through the media is the worst way to communicate.

WAIT. Iím not done. Braylon Edwards decided to question the sportsmanship of a teammate. He believes the Brian Russell doesnít need to deliver some of the hits during the course of a football game. Is this guy for real? Russell is out there hustling and trying to make plays on a team that is sinking fast and Edwards questions his actions. The opponents compliment Russell for his effort and Edwards questions it.

Itís time for Crennel to shut the mouths of these players or one of the two has to go.

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