A showdown for the ages

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Well it’s finally here. They both did what everyone was hoping they’d do by running the table.

Go undefeated to set up arguably the greatest game in the history of the greatest rivalry in college football. Ohio State (11-0), ranked #1 in all the polls, versus 11-0 Michigan, ranked #2 in all the polls. Playing for an outright Big Ten championship and for the right to play in Glendale, Arizona on January 8th, 2007 for the BCS National Championship! And it’s at “The Shoe” in Columbus, Ohio………..WOW!

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t get much better than this. Well unless of course it’s a close game and one team wins by one point on a last second field goal and the Buckeyes and Wolverines end up #1 & #2 in the BCS Standings and they’d play again on January 8th!

That would be NIRVANA! Beating Michigan twice in the same year, once for the Big Ten title and then again for the national title. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Lets just enjoy this week. It’s OHIO STATE/MICHIGAN Week!

Please send me every Michigan joke you have. Remind me time and time again that
Jim Tressel is 4-1 versus the Wolverines. Play Hang On Sloopy over and over in the car, at home, at the office or wherever. Tell the story of why Woody Hayes went for 2 points near the end of an Ohio State blowout of Michigan, because as Woody would say, “I couldn’t go for 3”! Remember that Troy Smith has accounted for over 700 yards of total offense with 5 touchdowns and no turnovers in 2 games against that team from up north. Oh yeah, he’s also 2-0 against Michigan. Remind me that Lloyd Carr is still the coach at Michigan.
Dot every “i” you write this week in scarlet ink. Get your “Muck Fichigan” and ” Ann Arbor is a Whore” T-shirts out and wear them proudly this week. Go grab your cd of “TBDBITL” and crank it in your car stereo and roll down the windows so everyone can hear it and wave at you. Just walk around wherever you are and yell out “OH” and wait for the “IO” in return.

Enjoy it, cherish it, be a part of it, in anyway you can, because it may never happen again.

It’s “F-ING” Ohio State/Michigan Week for all the marbles baby.

Let the fun begin! OH…….IO……OH……IO…….OH….IO!

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