Which conference is the strongest?

I researched the internet for articles on college football and came across a very interesting, but biased, point of view on who has the toughest conference this year. I believe this answer depends on how you evaluate a conference. Do you view depth, strength of schedule outside the conference, or how powerful the top teams in that league perform?

This year, depending on how you evaluate a conference, you will get different answers. If depth is critical, then the SEC would have to be your choice. The strength of schedule would be a toss-up; the Big Ten has beaten both Texas and Notre Dame. The SEC and Pac Ten was split, as Tennessee rolled California, but USC returned the favor to Arkansas. If your most important criteria are how powerful the top three teams are in a conference, I believe Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State will overpower any three teams from the top conferences.

This type of question is something people can debate over mixed drinks or bottles of beer. I will end this blog with this statement. There’s not one scenario or statistic that will convince me the Big East is even close to the Big Ten, Sec or Big 12. The only reason they may beat the Pac Ten is after USC the conference starts to fall off dramatically.

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