Browns lose Carthon, gain a win

The Browns survived a last-minute Jets comeback and held on for a 20-13 win, their second of the season. Throughout the week, players said the team was going to put a stronger emphasis on the running game now that Jeff Davidson is the OC. Droughns carried the ball 33 times for 125 yards and a touchdown as the Browns pounded away at the Jets. Kellen Winslow led Browns receivers with seven catches for 76 yards and a score.

The Jets came in with the worst run defense in the league so it’s hard to effectively analyze whether or that was the reason Droughns had a big day. However, I do believe a victory the game after Carthon left was no coincidence. While it didn’t seem like the Browns offense changed all that much (other than lining up Braylon in the backfield) under Davidson, the execution was much better. It seems that the players are more relaxed and comfortable with Davidson calling plays and that is looking to translate into better performance on the field.

I do disagree, however, with the play selection towards the end of the game when the Browns continued to run the ball instead of being aggressive and looking for a first down. I’ve never been a fan of conservative play-calling in the fourth quarter. It just keeps the opposition in the game and gives them an opportunity to win.

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