Questions and answers

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Q: The Browns are 1 of only 6 teams in the NFL with just 1 win. Who else is in this distinctive fraternity? Oakland, Tennessee, Miami, Detroit and Arizona. So of these 6 teams, who do you think will end up with the worst record and the first overall pick in the draft?

A: Oakland, because the Browns beat them this year and thus lose the tie breaker.

Q: Who or what is worse when you think of the Browns? The offensive line or offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon? I know that one really makes you think doesn’t it!?

A: As much as I want to fire Carthon, I have to admit the O-line is worse.

Q: Right now, do you think Randy Lerner cares more about his football team or his soccer team?

A: His soccer team, they’re scoring more than the Browns!

Q: Is Charlie Frye the quarterback of the future for the Browns?

A: The more I see of him, the more I doubt it.

Q: How would you rate the job that Browns GM Phil Savage has done so far?

A: Overall – “C-“…drafts – “C+”….free agents – “D”

Q: How would you rate the job that Browns head coach Romeo Crennel has done so far?

A: “C”…6 wins last year, not bad. But he better turn it around quickly this year or that grade becomes a solid “D”.

Q: Who is the Browns best player?

A: That’s an easy one. Punter Dave Zastudil

Q: Why do fans continue to pay big dollars to go down to the stadium and watch the Browns lose week after week?

A: This one I can honestly say I have no answer for. Please help me out and tell me why you all keep wasting your hard earned dollars on a team that has gone 18-41 at home since returning to the NFL in 1999. And their overall record now, counting this year’s 1-5 start, is 37-81. Why do you continue to pay for such punishment?

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