Browns need to earn respect

The Cleveland Browns are slowly becoming a proud team. The week prior to the Carolina Panthers game, Braylon Edwards talked of his days at U of M and how he continually beat Ohio State’s Chris Gamble. Kellen Winslow confidently stated that if the Browns play to their potential, the offense would be unstoppable. Reuben Droughns is now answering a “calling out” by part time player Quincy Morgan.

IT’S ABOUT TIME. The Browns Backers have more history than most organizations. When Phil Savage was hired, one goal was to return Browns pride back to this city. I was amazed to read how overrated Gerard “always too fat” Warren was ragging on the Browns organization. And Quincy “I had one big catch in my career” Morgan was questioning this team’s heart. This is the type of crap that Cleveland needs to change. They need to answer the bell and ring Morgan’s.

Cleveland fans are proud and loud and it would do my heart good to send Denver packing with a nice “butt whipping” in our house. I fully expect Andra Davis to put Morgan on his back, if he plays more than special teams.

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