Top 10 reasons to fire Maurice Carthon

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10. The Browns offense is ranked 31st out of 32 teams in total yards per game with 261.2 ypg.

9. The Browns are averaging 1.2 points in the first quarter of the first 5 games. That’s right, they’ve scored a total of 6 points in the first quarter of the first 5 games! Two field goals!

8. Their 16.2 points per game average is ranked 25th in the NFL.

7. They have scored 20 or more points only once in the first 5 games of the 2006 season and only eight times in their last 21 games. They have scored 30 or more points in a game a grand total of ZERO times since Carthon has been the team’s offensive coordinator. Even when they were 4-12 in 2004 they scored 30 or more points three times.

Enough with the stats, how about some common sense reasons to fire Carthon.

6. He refuses to put his three best playmakers on the field in Winslow, Edwards and Jurevicius in a three wide receiver set because Winslow isn’t considered a wide receiver. Who cares! They’re the 3 most explosive offensive weapons you have. Use them together and make opponents adjust to them!

5. Charlie Frye’s strength is rolling out and throwing on the run. Yet the Browns insist on trying to make him a pocket passer. This would be somewhat acceptable if the Browns had a solid offensive line. They don’t even have a below average offensive line, it’s awful.

4. Features rookie fullback Lawrence Vickers more on third down plays than 1,000-yard rusher Rueben Droughns! One has to wonder, as a former fullback in the NFL, is Carthon trying to start a movement for fullbacks to touch the ball more in the NFL, thinking that it will get him noticed more around the league and loved by current & former fullbacks everywhere?

3. Continually takes one of the few playmakers he has, tight end Kellen Winslow, out on third down plays when all Winslow does is catch the ball and make first downs when the ball is thrown his way. And even if it’s not thrown his way, at least he can be used as a decoy, someone the defense has to account for on the field at all times.

2. Refuses to use a no-huddle offense to change the tempo of the game and not allow opposing defenses to substitute freely and bring in fresh bodies to attack and kill quarterback Charlie Frye.

1. Third and inches at the Carolina 21-yard line…need I say more?!!!!!!

Feel free to add to the list. I stopped at ten, but I’m sure with your help we could come up with over 100 reasons to fire Maurice Carthon.

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