Team shows improvement, Carthon doesn’t

The Cleveland Browns continue to show signs of progress as a team, but Maurice Carthonís puzzling play calling is quietly frustrating the players. This is the second time Cleveland had a third and short deep in the opponentís territory at a critical point in the game and not given the ball to 1,000 rusher Reuben Droughns.

The first time, the Browns ran a sweep with rookie fullback Lawrence Vickers and were stopped short. Yesterday, Carthon went deep into his bag of tricks and ran an option to run or pass with Vickers. He chose to pass and came up empty.

The players have respectfully not commented on the horrible play calling, but you get the feeling that something has to give. Kellen Winslow is a talented tight end that is a determined to win and will only stay quiet for so long. This team has talent and I canít help but think that a good offensive coordinator could have produced at least one more victory this season.

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