Is Laurinaitis as good as Hawk?

James Laurinaitis is finally in the spotlight. During his childhood years, Jim was known as the son of an “action hero”. Joe “the animal” Laurinaitis is his father and one half of the “Legion of Doom”. Jim was a major recruit for most colleges, but you couldn’t read an article without reference to his father.

Laurinaitis’s first season at Ohio State, he played behind a trio of linebackers that may go down as the best in Buckeye history. The focal point of the season came when Jim had to fill in for Bobby Carpenter, who broke his ankle on the first play of the Michigan game. He played well and set up high expectations for this season.

The Ohio State defense is playing well, but Laurinaitis has started the year with numbers already drawing comparisons to superstar A. J. Hawk. He lead the Buckeyes with 13 tackles against Texas, and has a couple interceptions. If the Buckeyes want to make it to the National Championship, they will need Laurinaitis to continue to have an All American season. If he does continue at this pace, he won’t be the son of an “action hero”; Joe will be the father of a superstar.

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