Frye earning respect

Interception and loss aside, quarterback Charlie Frye is becoming a true leader for this team and Sunday’s game stood as evidence. He may be standing on a higher pedestal because of the fact that he is a hometown guy but the respect and praise being thrown his way as a football player and a quarterback is growing by the game with his teammates and the fans.

“This is the most physical division there is. You need a tough quarterback like Charlie,” Winslow said.

“It takes a man to play quarterback in the NFL, a guy who knows he’s going to get hit. I take my hat off to him. I myself could not do that job,” Edwards said.

Browns safety Brian Russell, the man who knocked Bengals receiver Chad Johnson into Never-Never Land a week ago, said “That’s a tough guy there. As a defensive player, you have to respect that.”

We as Clevelanders know hard work and toughness and appreciate that in our players. So after Frye got pummelled to the ground by Adalius Thomas in the first half, it was no surprise that he arose to the sound of 70,000-plus chanting of C-H-A-R-L-I-E. Frye was battered and bruised all day long. He was sacked 7 times, hurried numerous times, and got hit on almost every pass play. Being the warrior he is, Frye took those hits, dusted himself off, and got ready for the next play. Charlie is extremely unselfish and wants his teammates to be great.

I guess GM Phil Savage was right when he drafted him last season. Savage fell in the love with the kid’s intangibles during Frye’s college career and used a third-round pick on him. The Browns’ quarterback situation over the past six or seven seasons has been anything but stead and has held this organization back. We have gone through quarterbacks in this city like pairs of socks since the team’s return in 1999. Frye looks to be the one who may stick around for awhile.

Charlie showed a tremendous amount of guts and passion against the Ravens and if it weren’t for Frye getting blindsided, the interception may have never happened and the Browns most likely would have won their first game of the season. Frye made plays with his feet and made the throws when he had to during that second to last drive of the game. He is as tough a football player as we have seen around here in quite some time and has the steadfast support of his coaches, teammates, and the city.

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