What the players had to say

Davis frustrated

“We get paid good money to go out there and make plays,” said linebacker Andra Davis. “The fans expect a lot out of us, and we expect a lot of ourselves. We have to go out there and perform.”

Davis termed the performance “terrible” and “embarrassing.” He said, almost apologetically, “I’m tired of losing, tired of talking” on his way out of the locker room.

Winslow upset

K2, probably the best weapon the Browns have on offense, was inexcusably taken out during a few of the third down plays. Sometimes I wonder. Does Maurice want to lose the game or what?

Winslow caught four passes for 42 yards. He was the subject of the latest controversial brainstorm by coordinator Maurice Carthon – removing Winslow on certain third-down packages.

Winslow was seen jawing with Crennel on the sideline after one third-down screen play to Droughns netted 2 yards in the third quarter.

“I do what the coaches say,” Winslow said. “I look at myself as a playmaker [who] makes things happen. All [the Bengals] ran was cover one – man coverage. Nobody can guard me man to man.”

Frye concurred, “Kellen can’t be guarded. He’s getting open. I’d like to see Kellen [stay in] on every third down.”

The lone bright spot

“I’m real proud of the way our offensive line came back and played [Sunday],” said Frye. “They played really well.”

Baxter disappointed

“We stunk it up today. I did,” he said. “We did as a team. There are a lot of things we should’ve done better. We left a lot of plays on the table. You have to give credit to Cincinnati. They came out and played a great game and they gave it to us.”

Braylon, on not making catches:

“They didn’t draft me to drop the ball,” said Edwards. “I’ve got to catch the ball, that’s what it comes down to. [There are] small things I just didn’t do today, and I hurt Charlie.”

“It definitely was an up-and-down day,” said Edwards. “Obviously, I expect myself to catch everything, regardless of the situation. I blocked well today, and that was a plus. We completed a deep ball, and that was a plus. I dropped the curl, that was not a plus. And I dropped the one that went over the DB’s head. Charlie made a heck of a throw. I didn’t even see him getting it over those two guys’ heads, and he did, and when it came, I wasn’t ready to make the play.”

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