Browns ripped apart by Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals totally had their way with the Browns defense as they romped them 34-17 Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengal offense proved to be too much, outgaining the Browns 481 to 301 yards. They scored on their opening drive and never looked back. Just as key penalties stalled the Browns offense last week, they were victim to some costly turnovers which put the team in a huge hole. They could not recover and were embarrased for the second straight week.

Going into this game, you had to think their play offensively would improve. Well, it didn’t. In fact, it was much worse as the running game again wasn’t effective and the third down play on both sides of the ball was terrible. The offensive line actually looked pretty decent and gave Charlie Frye some time to throw but whenever the Browns did sustain a good drive, it was quickly erased by turnovers. Add that to the lack of pass rush and some more questionable play-calling, and the Browns are left with numerous problems to deal with.

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