FIRE Carthon, FIRE Carthon, FIRE Carthon

The Cleveland Browns started the football season looking worse than you could even imagine. They had missed blocks, threw interceptions, committed penalties and still had the ball in New Orleans territory with 2 minutes left and a chance to win.

Iíve watched hundreds of football games in my life and have never seen a game where the play calling was so terrible that you couldnít even evaluate the players. I witnessed four quarters of Browns football yesterday and couldnít tell if Charlie Frye played well, the offensive line could block or even if New Orleans is that good.

Iíve always believed in giving a guy a fair chance before taking him out, but Maurice Carthon is clueless when it comes to calling plays and evaluating talent. We ran fullback sweeps on third and one, we ran a draw on second and twenty and last but not least, we put Terrelle Smith split out wide in a five receiver set.

Romeo Crennel needs to recognize quickly that Carthon doesnít get it. We have two star receivers in Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards and Carthon isnít running plays to get them the ball. We have a 1200 yard back in Rueben Droughns, and heís on the bench more than in the game. I hope Phil Savage steps in and puts an end to this misery.

Lastly, the Bob who continues to share opinons on these blogs, please put the initial of your last name so that people can tell us apart. It will help avoid a lot of confusion. I have been getting grief or compliments for things I didn’t even write. You have good insight, take credit for it.

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