Tribe looking to play spoiler role

The Indians had a heartbreaking end to their 2005 season and just barely missed a spot in the postseason. They are light years away from the playoff picture this season and have been for quite some time but still have a chance at ruining the chances of some other American League teams that are in the playoff hunt, namely the Chicago White Sox.

It was them who put the dagger in the hearts of Tribe players and fans at the end of last season and the Indians, should they choose to accept it, have an opportunity to give the South Siders a little bit of payback this September. As it sits now, the Sox are trailing the AL Central-leading Tigers by five games and are jockying for position atop the Wild Card standings with Minnesota. With six games remaining against Chicago, the Indians can really make life difficult for the Sox should they take care of business against them. As frustrating as the 2006 season has been for us Tribe fans, I for one would be able to sleep a little easier if the Indians somehow could play a tiny role in derailing the Sox’ playoff chances this season.

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