Sowers nearing the end

If it were his last outing of the season, Jeremy Sowers went out in style. The rookie went seven innings and allowed the only two Jays runs to earn his seventh major-league victory. The Tribe doesn’t want to overwork their young star and prefer he finish in the 180 – 190 innings range for the season. Sowers currently sits at 180 2/3 innings.

I’d love to see Sowers continue pitching, but the organization is probably doing the right thing with him. He’s still extremely young and you’d hate to risk injury late in a season that is already a wash anyway. While he is pitching fantastic, Sowers hasn’t thrown this many innings in a season before and it is smart on the Indians’ part to work him up the ladder slowly. The Indians have found themselves quite a gem in Sowers and they must be careful with him.

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