Michigan, Carr need to win now

The Michigan Wolverines and Lloyd Carr have to feel like theyíve traded places with Ohio State and ex head coach John Cooper. The Wolverines and Carr are 1-4 against the Bucks and have to play on the road this year. Michigan played in their first non-January bowl game in nine years last season and had an embarrassing lose to Nebraska.

These types of numbers are not acceptable to a school that is still trying to recover from basketball violations that have set the team back at least 5 years. Michigan is a school that believes in winning and will only be so patient if it doesnít happen soon.

Carr, the nationís fifth-winningest active A-1 coach, will get some slack when it comes to turning this program around. They won a National Championship in 1997 and have five Big Ten titles. If the Wolverine donít win at least 10 games this year and lose to the Buckeyes again, donít be surprised if Carr doesnít get a seat in the press box sooner than he expected.

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