Two relievers who need to step up

Cabrera and Betancourt are two guys that need to start turning it around, especially if they want a spot on this team next season. They’ve shown they have the ablility to pitch at this level and get hitters out but, for some reason, they have drastically underperformed this year. As good as Cabrera was last season, perhaps he is having a difficult time adjusting to pitching a full major league season. But, considering he’s been touted as our future closer and is out of options, Cabrera needs to show something in the last month. Betancourt is a guy with a good track record. He has had a sub-3 ERA in two of his last three seasons and the fact that he’s struggled this season is a mystery.

Bullpen in general is an iffy thing. They can be good one year and bad the next. The Indians obviously need to find some help this off-season in that area. However, if Cabrera and Betancourt can somehow bounce back in the remainder of the season and prove themselves once again, that’ll be two less relievers the Indians have to worry about replacing in the off-season.

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