Gonzalez not settling

When he first came to OSU, receiver Anthony Gonzalez obviously had to wait his turn and climb the ladder at the wide receiver position for the Bucks. Gonzalez has had some success the last two seasons and is now the number two man behind Ted Ginn, Jr. However, he’s not completely satisfied.

“I never feel comfortable, ever, in anything,” Gonzalez said yesterday. “Iím the type of person that, no matter what, even in (Cleveland St. Ignatius) high school, when I was team captain and started both ways, I never felt secure.

“I donít know if thatís part of being an athlete, or just something that goes on in my head, but in no way do I ever feel secure. And then when you look out there and see the guys that we have, the young guys coming up, you know you have to raise your game just that much higher to stay ahead of them and also for the sake of the team.”

Gonzalez should get his fair share of touches in 2006 and he will be leaned on heavily during the course of the season. The Bucks offense will be expected to carry most of the load considering the youth on defense. They may be under a lot of pressure early on to put up points as the defense continues to learn and grow. They have a wave of good, young receivers coming in this season but it will still be up to Gonzalez, Ginn, and Hall to make some big plays for Troy Smith and the offense.

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