Former Buckeye corrects Gumball’s ignorance

Robert Smith, a former Buckeye star, is standing up for NFLPA head Gene Upshaw. Upshaw was verbally attacked by Bryant Gumbel yesterday. Gumbel ignorantly stated that Upshaw was being led around on a leash by the owners of the NFL. Smith is a very intelligent and successful former NFL player.

I agree with Smith’s assessment that Gumbel is seeking attention. I see Gumbel as a jealous personality that shows no class by making uninformed statements. The NFL is a model for professional sports, its popularity and revenue has passed baseball and continues to grow.

The fact that he is all over the news is exactly why Gumball made the statement. I guess when your show has sunk lower than re-runs of “The price is right” you will stoop to any level for attention. Gene Upshaw continues to show class and will not dignify Gumball with a response.

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