Indians able to avoid sweep

Well, as long as the bullpen never shows up it looks like the Tribe will be alright. Paul Byrd pitched a complete game Thursday afternoon as the Tribe beat the Twins 3-2 in the series finale. The Indians grabbed a 2-o lead with the help of Hector Luna’s RBI triple in the second inning. While Byrd didn’t have his greatest stuff on the mound, he was able to bear down and make good pitches when he had to. With the game at 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth, Byrd and the Indians got a scare when Justin Morneau drove a ball deep to center field but Grady Sizemore was able to haul it in at the wall. The 10 complete games by Indian pitchers this season leads the majors.

“I didn’t have great stuff,” he said. “I was grunting and groaning out there to throw hard, and [the pitch speed would read] 83 mph. After the first inning, I was asking some of our other pitchers if I looked like I was doing something different, but they said no. It just happens sometimes, that you don’t have your best stuff, so you adjust accordingly.”

Thank God Wedge left Byrd in. Who knows what could have happened had he brought in Carmona, Davis or anyone else in the pen.

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