Buckeye coaches overcome adversity

The Ohio State Buckeye football team has to look no further than two assistant coaches when searching for inspiration to win a football game. Joe Daniels, the quarterback coach, and Jim Bollman, the offensive coordinator both battled heart problems during the off season.

Coach Daniels is being treated with biotherapy, which has him taking pills for 28 days then going off for 14 before repeating the cycle. He received an NCAA waiver to have a coach replace him if he couldn’t lead the team for any period of time. So far, he’s been up for the task.

Coach Bollman underwent bypass surgery on three clogged arteries during this past summer. He has participated in every practice to date, only saying he has to move a little slower than in the past. Both are entering the 6th season of coaching and enjoy being a part of Tressel and Buckeye nation.

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