Bentley speaks

Injured center LeCharles Bentley met with the media Wednesday for the first time since tearing his patella tendon which quickly ended his season. Bentley was living a dream by having the chance to play football for his hometown team. After suffering a season-ending injury, you would think that would destroy a player like Bentley. Just the opposite. LeCharles declared the injury as a “blessing” and he will end up being a better person because of it.

ďThere is zero doubt in my mind that I will make a complete recovery and be able to play again,Ē Bentley said. ďI know this is going to end up being a blessing for me. Iím going to end up being a better player having gone through this process. Iím really excited about it.Ē

ďAfter going through this process, I know that Iíll be mentally tougher.”

While some players have taken more than a year to recover from a patella tendon injury, Bentely sounded pretty confident that he’ll be back for the start of the 2007 season. In the meantime, he will do what he can off the field to help the Browns out.

ďIíll be the best cheerleader in the league,Ē he said. ďIíll be the best cheerleader the team has because I know we donít have any cheerleaders. Iím not saying Iíll wear a skirt, but Iíll be there for the guys.”

ďHopefully, Iíll be able to see some of the things the offensive line might not see during the game. Iíll be another set of eyes.Ē

Just having Bentley’s presence back on the field again is a huge boost to the Browns and the players. Sure, he won’t be suiting up on the field this season, but having him on the sidelines will surely pump up the players. Bentley is a smart guy and will almost be another coach for the team.

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