Pluto talks trades

With the season a wash, the trades Shapiro made were deals the Indians had to make and, according to ABJ writer Terry Pluto, the future of the Indians isn’t as bad as some Tribe fans think. Considering the ages and situation with the players that were traded, Pluto says the deals make sense. With the money the Indians will be saving, they will be in good position to go after some quality veterans this off-season to go with their good, young talent.

Do you think that Eduardo Perez, Ben Broussard or Bob Wickman were going to play major roles in 2007, assuming they came back at all? Wickman and Perez will be free agents. Broussard could be in line for a $4 million deal in arbitration, and he’s struggled hitting lefties (.190 in the past two seasons).

Take a realistic look at the players traded and their ages: Wickman (37), Perez (36) and Broussard (29). Only Broussard has a future during the next few years, and that will be as a platoon player.

General Manager Mark Shapiro has done an impressive job of bringing in young talent since taking over in 2002. Not every trade worked out, but the team is in much better shape now than it was at the end of that season. Especially since the $82 million payroll was about to be cut in half.

Some fans have been complaining about the deals for prospects, forgetting that these type of trades put the Indians in position to win 93 games in 2005. They have a chance to regroup and contend in the future with some key veteran acquisitions.

Pluto goes on to analyst each trade the Indians made this season and the impact they will have. The Indians will get a good look at their young talent for the rest of the season and will use this time to sort through what they have in them and where they will fit with the team. Pluto notes several platoon situations that could arise for next season.

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