Future on display

It’s safe to say that Jeremy Sowers will be sticking around for quite some time in an Indians uniform. As for the other hero of Friday’s game, Shin-Soo Choo, his future with the team may not be as certain as Sowers’, but Choo sure didn’t hurt himself. Choo showed some pop in his bat and some plate discipline as well. Hell, with the crowd at the Jake chanting “Chooooo!”, he already is becoming a fan favorite.

Sowers has been absolutely unbelievable his last two starts and for one night at least, Tribe fans were able to catch a glimpse into what the Indians’ future might look like. Marte didn’t get a hit Friday, but he’s definitely here for the long haul and his time to shine will come. We can’t help but be ecstatic for Sowers and the bright future that he brings. And Choo? Well, he adds a unique look to the outfield and could very well be in the Tribe’s plans. The season may be over, but at least we can take the rest of the season to get a decent look at what these young prospects bring to the table.

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