Braylon on the fast track

Attention, Browns fans. There may be hope for this season after all. Wide receiver Braylon Edwards practiced with the team Saturday and noted that a return to action for the season opener is a “possibility”.

“I was running routes today and it was a great feeling,” Edwards said. “A lot of guys have been pulling for me and have been behind me the whole time. I just feel really good. I went out there today and I didn’t have any pain in the knee.

“I’m not afraid to cut, plant or run. I’m extremely excited about the possibility of playing in the first game.”

Braylon is way ahead of schedule and him just being out on the field practicing with the team is a huge lift for the Browns. Whether he plays on September 10 or not, it seems like he will be back much sooner than expected. Edwards acknowledges that his knee is something to be careful with and says he will not rush himself back. In his interview on, he seems to have a very good head on his shoulders about where he stands with the injury and will definitely wait until the knee is 100 percent before playing in a game.

Edwards’ work ethic and attitude has been phenominal thus far and it’s such a great sign to see him on the field again. Although, I wasn’t too thrilled to see him in a Michigan hat in the interview! Oh well, he’s a Brownie now and that’s all that matters.

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