Davis gets advice from a Byrdie

A few days ago, Paul Byrd pulled aside one of his fellow pitchers to give him some pointers. Byrd took reliever Jason Davis into the video room to disect Davis’ delivery and give him some advice about how his pitching style.

“He sat me down and told me about how to read guys and what they’re doing during an at-bat,” Davis said. “We looked at tape from all year, and he showed me that I’m pretty easy to pattern. He told me to switch it up and keep them guessing.”

Byrd was brought to the Indians not only to provide a veteran arm in the rotation, but to take on a leadership role, especially towards the Indians’ young pitchers.

“I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all,” Byrd said. “There’s a fine line between being a know-it-all and being a veteran guy you can talk to. I felt it was time [to talk to Davis].”

“He’s way too good to have an ERA over 5.00,” Byrd said of Davis. “I think he’s [White Sox closer] Bobby Jenks waiting to happen. He’s a basketball player just learning how to pitch. Hopefully [Sunday’s instruction] will help.”

Davis entered Tuesday’s ballgame in a tough spot. Byrd had almost given up the Tribe’s seven-run lead and Davis came on in the fourth with the Tigers knocking on the door. JD proceeded to enduce a double play and went on to pitch three scoreless innings of relief. Davis has been an enigma ever since the Indians brought him up from Double-A in 2002 . He possesses dynamic stuff but has had trouble over the years commanding the ball and settling into a role. If he can somehow figure himself out, Davis has a chance to be an integral part of the Tribe’s future. Hopefully Byrd’s little tutorial is a step in the right direction for Jason.

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