Sabathia once again loses grip

Just when you thought the Tribe’s young ace was getting back on track, physically and mentally, C.C Sabathia throws a poor game and gets tossed. After his June 22 start against the Cubs when he admitted quitting and losing focus, Sabathia really started to pitch with a newfound purpose. He apologized to his team and the fans and moved on. Owning up to your mistakes is part of what a leader should do and Sabathia made a step in that direction.

Then came Friday’s game. He got himself into a similar situation and once again lost control. He wasn’t getting any help behind him and the eight-run inning should have never even happened if it weren’t for Boone’s and Martinez’s miscues. However, Sabathia was all over the map and it was apparent that the errors were affecting him. He failed to bear down and throw strikes. As an ace of a pitching staff, when things are going south, you have to be the stopper. Sabathia let his emotions get the best of him Friday, something that has happened all too often during his Indian career.

Sure he’s only 26, but he’s been in the league long enough now to know how the game works and what it takes. The huge inning was not all Sabathia’s fault by any means but may not have reached the point it did if C.C would have kept his composure. He lost control of the situation and as an ace, that cannot happen. If Sabathia really wants to be a leader on this team, scenes like what happened against the Twins need to stop occurring.

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